Flu & Shingles Vaccinations

90% of all adults raised in the UK have had chickenpox. After chickenpox, the virus stays inside your body and can recur as shingles later in life. Even those people who had a mild case of chickenpox as a child, or didn’t have any obvious symptoms may still be at risk of developing shingles. Although not everyone develops shingles, as we get older our immune system weakens which increases the chance of getting shingles. Unfortunately shingles in older people tends to be more severe than in younger people. This is why the Department of Health have introduced a recommendation that the shingles vaccine be routinely offered to people born between September 1942 – 1948 and those aged 78 & 79. If you are in that age range and would like to book an appointment please contact reception. You can have the flu and shingles vaccination at the same appointment or just the flu vaccination if you prefer.